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The Knowledge Perspective

HR Referencing Services understands that the hard currency of executive teams is knowledge and the ability to leverage that knowledge to make quality and timely business decisions.  This knowledge is a complex mix of many personal attributes; individuals must be able to acquire it, use it, and ultimately share it to pass it on.  This knowledge is unique to a particular company and is not necessarily immediately replaceable.  We see all of our activity as facilitating the flow of knowledge to create the maximum value for the client, not only to meet immediate organizational needs but to secure a sound future too. 

People are what organizations are all about.  People lead other people, manage resources, design and follow processes, use machines, use skill and experience, communicate ideas, get it right, get it wrong, identify better ways of doing things and hopefully learn from the present to better prepare for the future.   

People are complex systems; each person being unique in many ways and each interaction with another person also being unique.  The unique value that each person brings to the organization is their knowledge.  Knowledge can be described as a complex blend of education, experience, expertise, values and beliefs, and networking or communication skills.  It is when considering personal knowledge like this that the task of identifying the right person with the right knowledge to fit a particular role becomes more interesting. 

Today, in the knowledge economy, it is the company that truly understands the potential of the knowledge that is held within its bounds, that has found ways to release, leverage, and reward that knowledge that will develop the competitive edge.   

The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ is not quite right.  A more appropriate adage for the modern company is ‘shared knowledge is power’.  Effective organizational development can help define the most effective structure to achieve this.  Competitive intelligence and environmental scanning are means of understanding the strategic environment in which a company has to operate.  Management teams need the appropriate culture and shared values to discuss these assessments and the knowledge to make quality decisions.  In all of this, too much emphasis or reliance is placed on IT.  IT is merely an enabler to overcome the degradation that occurs to information over time and distance.  Corporate executive knowledge is about collectively using all of the personal knowledge attributes that have been acquired over the years, and jointly to understand the emerging strategic environment and to make the quality decisions necessary to evolve and so to adapt. While an individual can be brought in to plug a knowledge gap, it is the organizational culture, hopefully a knowledge culture, that will fully allow the new executive to realise their potential for themselves and for their new company. 

HR Referencing Services understands the Knowledge Perspective.  It is inherent in our thinking while we are undertaking work for you, and we would be pleased to discuss this emerging area more.