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Home Fee Structure

Fee Structure

We have a simple menu-based fee structure as follows:  

Entry Level Jobs:

  • Up to 3 References - Supervisors (current/past) & Peers
  • Summary Report 
C$ 700

Mid Level Jobs:

  • Up to 6 References - Supervisors (current/past), Peers and Subordinates
  • Detailed Report 
C$ 1500

Senior Level Jobs:

  • Up to 10 References
  • Full 360 degree approach
  • Comprehensive Report 
C$ 2100

Other/specific such as:

  • Qualification Checking
  •  Credential Checking
  •  Complete Background Checking 
Contact Us

We will, of course, tailor our services to your exact needs; in which case we may be able to negotiate a different cost based on hourly or daily rate.  Examples may include highly specific or detailed probing or multiple reference checks. 

To discuss any of these options in more detail, please contact us  

Our fees include all normal expenses (telephone, report production etc) and are subject to GST.