HR Referencing

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HR Referencing Services

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What We Do 

We all know that reference checks form a crucial component in any hiring and selection decision. At HR Referencing Services, we apply best practices learned over 40+ years of combined experience in Human Resources and Recruiting to build an independent view of your candidate. Whether you require a single reference or a full 360 degree service, our process and diligence is designed to bring excellence to your referencing needs.

At HR Referencing Services we feel differently than most about references.  It is neither a formality nor is it a search for skeletons in the closet.  We feel that references are a valuable tool in ensuring the new hire’s success in a role by building a more complete picture of the skills, acumen and challenges of the new hire.

Our references are designed to validate the opinions formed during the interview process and verify information given. Should any “red-flags” or inconsistencies arise, we will identify these and bring them to your attention in a clear and forthright manner.

We provide an added benefit. We can provide guidance to help ensure that the new hire settles in and becomes a highly productive member of your team as quickly as possible.

HR Referencing Services also provides qualification, credential and complete background checking services. .


Our Advantage

Quality reference checks are a time consuming process.  HR Referencing Services can perform this critical function for you usually within 3-5 business days.  This will free up your time so that you can focus on other important matters related to your business. 

Our specialization in conducting references means we know which questions to ask, how to probe,  and how to capture the intelligence from referencing that your team may not have the time or depth of experience to perform. We carry out the referencing activity totally independent of your search process so that a completely impartial view of the candidate is presented. 

We take the knowledge perspective which is fundamental to our overall approach; we know that it is the collective knowledge of your overall team that will give your company the edge it is seeking.


Our Approach

HR Referencing Services can provide a scaled approach to delivering third party reference checking. Depending upon the complexity of the position, we offer 3 different levels of service:   

  1. Entry Level Jobs:   Up to 3 references, current and previous supervisors and/or peers, summary report.
  2. Mid Level Jobs:   Up to 6 references, current and previous supervisors, peers and subordinates, detailed report.
  3. Senior Level Jobs:   Up to 10 references, full 360 degree approach, comprehensive report.